Monday, April 22, 2013

How do ip gets traced

Most people wonder how do websites come to know of your location from IP. Now you too can find out. Forget users you can even sneak up on websites. Just enter IP/URL/mailId and all the details of that are given.

This has some great tools that will help you. You can enter IP/URL/Domain name and much more.

Above is a pic of one of the IP address Tracker. 

How to Track IP Addresses

In a dynamic network, IP addresses get assigned to various devices. They undergo change in MAC addresses, hostnames, or status - reserved, transient, in use and available. All this information is stored in a database and the IP address tracking feature furnishes this recorded information for any IP address, for a specified timeframe. Tools like SolarWinds IP Address Manager while scanning for a subnet in a network, records the IP address status, MAC address and Hostname changes made to each IP address in that subnet with the time stamp. This information is highly valuable in troubleshooting scenarios.

What if you don't want to buy the software you can use the lite version. It has 30 days free trial

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