Friday, June 5, 2015

How Housewives Can Earn Money Online From Home

Earn Money OnlineHey housewives and moms! Are you looking for some interesting ways to make money from home besides looking after your children and household things? Yes, you can work online to earn money on your convenience, at any time, for any number of hours and that too without any investment. 

Either you are searching for ways to be occupied being at home or for financial support, we will be glad to guide you with numerous ideas on how to make money online. Sounds interesting, right!

So all you need is a computer/laptop and internet connection.  It is also advisable if you can make a PayPal account which is the foremost option for organizations to pay for online work as you cannot get a bank transaction from ever country whereas sites like PayPal offers that facility. So I'm going to show you list of opportunities on how to earn money online or easy ways to make money.

List of opportunities to work online

Earn from Surveys: 

Strange to hear but very realistic. There are many multinational companies that keep on innovating new products and services for which they need to know the review as well as the demand in market which nobody else but a user can tell them the best. There are many sites such as,, etc which pay for people's valuable reviews. You just have to fill up a survey form and enjoy earning from $1-$20 in few minutes. As earning with online surveys has no limit; so more time you spend, more money you make.

Earn from Freelance writing: 

If you have a creative mind and good writing skills, becoming a freelance writer can be a good option to add to your savings. You can sign up for free with sites like,, etc and get started with your writing career. These sites not only offer writing work but also projects on programming, coding, etc. So if you are from computer background, you can also try this.

Earn from Online teaching:

Earn Money Online by Online teaching
If you have keen interest in teaching, you can just grab the opportunity to be an online teacher. Apart from commendable knowledge in a subject, you should be fluent with computer basics as well as you will have to teach on internet with help of presentations and electronic notes. But teaching is a reliable work with significant pay. Just put up your detailed CV on sites like onlinetutorial, skillshare. It can be anything like cooking, engineering, languages, mathematics, whatever! You can also prepare an online course that can be paid for by sites like udemy.

Earn from Web Designing: 

This category is for women skilled with web & graphic designing. You may be a web designer or animator but could not get opportunity to prove your skills after marriage or kids but these days many companies hire people with these skills who work for them online that saves their hiring as well as management costs. A few sites that you can get started with are:,, etc. 

In this case you can also create your own website and earn huge money. Just advertise sites on your website and get paid every time people click on the Google ads. You can browse through sites like GoogleAdsense to get some help in this context.

Earn by Sell your creativity online: 

Numerous websites such as ArtFire and Etsy give a platform to sell your talent to earn money. If you are you keen in drawing or art & craft or jewellery making or knitting or anything creative, you can sell it on internet. This may be your online business

So earning money at home is no more a myth. Just browse online and ample of work opportunities are waiting for you. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

6 Killer SEO Tips to Make Your Content Last Longer

How to Make Your Content Last Longer
Are you a content writer or occupied with internet marketing? You will undoubtedly wish your work to last forever with constant number of hits that SEO terminology defines as "Evergreen Data". Now the immediate concern is how to make the content as evergreen content. Nowadays, the web is overflowing with huge content on each and every aspect but the question is how long your article takes to wear out from the search engine.

The 2 key features to retain the content for long are:
  • The quality
  • The significance
6 Killer SEO Tips for Your Website and Blog

6 Killer SEO Tips to Make Your Content Last Longer

Today here, I'm going to share few important and fruitful tips with you that may help to create articles with infinite compliance.

Dated Content

There is some data which keeps relevance with date and some that doesn't. e.g: latest phones or laptops. Articles on these areas of interest are too much date oriented. So put the date with such content that keeps the reader up-to-date. Whereas there are other topics such as "how to lose fat" that do not have any concern with the date and thus if contains commendable data can last for long. If your content is not dated, then do not highlight it. But at the same time make sure your content are up to date.

Keep the Content Updated

If you get to make an evergreen article, it doesn't implicate that you are never going to have a glimpse at it thereafter. Update the content regularly to increase the hits on your webpage.

Just Retain the Freshness

I must tell you that Google insists the pages which are regularly updated just like the ladies believe in make-up touch up every second hour. So, refresh the data constantly to be preferred by the search engines.

Focus on Non-Expiry Topics

One may think that any web post never vanishes; then what does it mean of long lasting content. It actually implicates to picking up a topic for blog post which does not have any expiration and is significant forever. E.g: any news-related post runs good for one month and is never searched again from the search engine.

Content with Images and Videos

Adding relevant pictures and videos to your post always give priority on search engine and easily accessible to the reader. It not only retains your content on the specific blog but also on sites like YouTube. Also inculcate icons for social sites such as Facebook that can connect your data to huge market and make the content more popular.
SEO Tips Content with Images and Videos

Simplicity in Content 

Do not go for too technical language for your content that may frustrate the reader ending up leaving your blog forever. Keep it easy and simple.

Basically long lasting content is a fusion of forever topic with relevant information. So just go for it!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Chakaba - One Page Personal Portfolio Wordpress Theme

Chakaba is a creative one page personal portfolio wordpress theme for freelancer and photography professionals. this is a single page personal on the web with some unique features which will help you make your project stand out from the crowd. No matter what kind of project you are planning, you can also set availability for hire or not and you can add some social media links too. Chakaba is the perfect option for you or your client.
  • HTML / CSS 
  • Cross Browser Optimation 
  • One Page Design
  • Best Portfolio Theme 
  • Simple Theme Settings 
  • Availibility or not options 
  • Lightbx Viewer 
  • Well organised CSS

Video Demo & Installation



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Throne Rush Free Gems & Tips May 2014

A big thanks to Progrestar upon launching the Throne rush, It is the most epic Android strategy game ever. Your objective in this game is to turn your realm into a gold and food producing powerhouse, train a lot of troops, and go through the adventures as well as battle against other gamers online for reputation and resources.

Free Gems
  • Download This Throne-Rush-Hack-Gems-PA.rar 
  • Extract Throne-Rush-Hack-Gems-PA.rar 
  • You will see a folder inside it, Extract it to your desktop
  • Open Fiddler2 (Run As Admin In Windows 7 or 8)
  • In AutoResponder Tab, Confirm Enable Automatic Responses And Unmatched Requests Passthrough 
  • Go back to folder and grab gems.xml to Fiddler Start Google Chrome and clear cache
  • Now play Throne rush and build units and get free gems
  • Note You will get only 500 gems per 3 days. 5000 Gems per month.


  • Gems For Free. you need to complete 3 tasks to receive 100 free gems, like Throne Rush facebook page, Share Throne Rush facebook page and invite 3 friends to the game. In order to get Crystal Shards you need to invite your friends to the game. They will send you the shards after having completed the Sludger’s Lot mission. 
  • More Free Gems. some quests also reward you with gems, one of the first quests to do so is quest morale.
  • Completing quests also grants XP points. 
  • If you want to build or upgrade multiple buildings at the same time, you need to have 2 workers or more. Each additional worker costs gems. 
  • You can buy protection shields, they cost gems though. Temporarily protects your village from other player’s attacks. The shield goes down when you attack another player. 
  • How to get 3 stars in the world map?. 3 stars equal to 100% level destruction, both in pvp and pve, the Castle should always be the last thing being destroyed if you want to obtain a 100%, this requires a strategy that includes units coming from multiple points taking down all building surrounding the castle, pretty much at the same time. 
  • Change your name. You can change your player name by clicking on the small feather right next to your name at the top bar. 
  • Take advantage of the Eagles while you can, they are definitely the best attacking unit in the game and no matter how good the enemy’s base defenses are, you will get a sure victory. 
  • Released Captives. sometimes you will obtain free units as a reward for defeating opponents. 
  • Troops deployed in the battlefield never make it back home, no matter if they remain alive by the end of the battle.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Hack Windows 7 Admin Password using Ophcrack?

Today I'm going to tell you about "How to Hack Windows 7 Password?". The method that I will tell you today is using the Ophcrack. First I will tell you about Ophcrack?

How to Hack Windows 7 Admin Password using Ophcrack?

What is Ophcrack?

Ophcrack is an open source windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a new variant of Hellman's original trade-off, with better performance. It comes with Graphical user interface(GUI) and runs on multiple platform such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It allows you to recover or hack windows password.
It recovers 99.9% of alphanumeric passwords in seconds.

Steps to Hack Windows 7 Password using Ophcrack

  • First download an Ophcrack.
  • Make a bootable Pendrive or CD.
  • Boot a system with this Pendrive or CD.
  • That's it, Your password will appear.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tagged Introduces Monthly Standings?

Tagged introduces a new feature called Monthly Tiers/Monthly Standings. Most of you wants to know about what really these new features are? So In my today's article, I will explain to you about this new feature by Tagged

What are Monthly Tiers or Monthly Standings?

Actually Monthly Tiers and Monthly Standings are both same. This feature keeps a track of a any pet player’s Rank over time which is letting all pets players to see who was able to remain consistently high on the monthly leaderboard. Here’s how they work:

Tagged, Monthly Tiers, Monthly Standings, Pet Player, Tricks
Let me explain you with an Example:

  • If you reached #1 in a large country with 5000 available Ranks, you get 5000 Points for that day. 
  • If you reached #2, you get 4999 Points. 
  • If you reached #5000, you get 1 Point.

Rank is available for all countries but max rank available is 2000 for small countries like Pakistan and 5000 for large countries like USA. You only compete against pet players in your own country, so you don't have to worry! Pet Players in large countries don't have an advantage.

With an advantage, There is always a dis-advantage. However, SWITCHING COUNTRIES DISQUALIFIES YOU FOR 3 MONTHS, so don't every try to change your country on Tagged. This rule will start in December, 2013. If you changed your Country in November you're fine.

YOU MUST HAVE A RANK FOR 23 OUT OF 24 HOURS of a day in order to receive Points for that day. It doesn't matter which hours or how the time is spaced out. Ranks are checked for every five minutes and your Ranked time doesn't have to be continuous. For Example

You start with a Rank, but then you buy a really expensive Pet that makes you drop out of your Pet Rankings and You sell it quickly and get your Rank back easily. You’re fine. In fact, if you got your Rank back before five minutes, we never even notice it's gone.

At the end of each month, Pet players will be ordered by their total Points in Monthly Tiers, with ties broken by the regular Pets Assets Leaderboard. But Pet Points holders will be given some special awards as follows:
Tagged, Monthly Tiers, Monthly Standings, Pet Player, Tricks, Awards

Where will the Badges will appear?

Badges you've won will be visible in your profile and Achievements page. You can definitely win a Badge in more than one month! All time is measured in Pacific US.