Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Update Your Facebook Status in Blue Color Text

Hey Guys, I just love Facebook Tricks. My previous post on Facebook trick was about Animated Pictures on Facebook walls but today I'm here again with you to share my knowledge about a new Facebook Trick so I'm going to tell you about "How To update your Facebook Status in Latest Blue Color Text" or "How to Write Link able Blue Tex in Facebook on status or comments"

How to Update Your Facebook Status in Blue Color Text

Update Facebook Status in Blue Text

First think of the status that you want to post on your Facebook. I'm going to update my Facebook Status which says "I love My Mom" So the code for this status is in next step.

Copy the code of these two lines below:
@@[0:[855564417787186:1: I love My Mom ]]
Paste it on your Facebook Profile Status or Page Status or in any Comment!, Your status will look like this if you post the same code.

Cool Facebook Status in Blue Color Text
If you want to update your status that says something else instead of " I love my Mom" then you copy the above code and paste it as same on your status and then Edit my code and write your own status inside the code but place only "I love my Mom" and Don't remove the code in second line. Its must.

Then Post own your status and its done. Now u can bookmark my website and save this post and share with your friends :)