Saturday, September 1, 2012

Coca Cola Company UK Mobile Draw is Scam or Not?

Hi Guys, I'm Prince Asfi, I have received this message on my mobile:

Congrats! your mobile number has WON you GBP 500,000 Pounds in 2012 Coca Cola Olympic UK Draw. To claim email your name, Address and mobile# to:

Anyone who follows the contact instructions from the UK Mobile Draw Scam will be assured that the prize really has been won (and of course no such prize exists) before being asked for their bank account and other personal details so that the ‘prize transfer’ can go ahead. If those details are provided then the recipient has effectively given the scammers all the information they need to perpetrate a crime of some sort – most often this will be some kind of identity theft or direct theft of funds from the victim’s bank account.

Whether these UK mobile draw scam messages originate from the same criminal organisations time after time or – more likely – the same basic template is used by several different criminal organisations, the bottom line is that all of them are completely fraudulent. There is no legitimate mobile phone draw offering such cash prizes, and they certainly have nothing to do with authentic lottery games. That means the best thing to do with these messages – as with most other scam communications – is delete them without responding.

Whilst receiving such messages can make some people feel as if they are being victimised in a personal way, the fact of the matter is that scam messages tend to be sent out en masse to a large batch of mobile phone numbers. In this respect you are fairly anonymous to the scammers and the UK mobile draw scam is no more personal than the scam messages that are propagated by email or direct mail.

Note: In short, there is no UK mobile draw that offers cash prizes at random, and you haven’t won any money from Coca Cola, Nokia or any of the other organisations that tend to be named. That being the case, you can feel free to delete any message that states otherwise and forget about it.

This is a Scam So Don't Send Your Information to Them. Like & Share this post to your facebook and Tell others about this Scam! If you want to know more about this scam, Comment the questions or ask me on facebook Page.


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