Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Make Money Online with Adf.ly and Facebook in 2013 Fastly?

Ah Finally today im sharing another trick on How to make money online with adf.ly with your Facebook , Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and other accounts easily. At the present time most of the people are searching that how to make money online but after couple of hours they can’t easily decide what they do and how to start and after completed work they give money or not. But there is website called adf.ly for beginners which helps you to earn money at home without any skill and no working experience on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc

So lets make money with Adf.ly right now. Click here or Click on the Picture Below to Register on it.

What is Adf.ly? 

As I know it is URL shortening and if you have website or you have a Facebook, Instagram etc and then with the good traffic you can great benefit from your reader.

How To start Work with Adf.ly and earn money?

It’s very simple you have taken any URL then you simply have to shrink it. I have taken my blog http://prince-asfi.blogspot.com/ and it's shrink url link looks like this http://adf.ly/Pg5Mt

How to Earn with Facebook, Twitter etc

Update your status and put adf.ly link. And share your link at group, page, friends wall etc.

How to Earn with the help of YouTube

YouTube is the great source of income for earning the money adf.ly. Mostly people watch video rather than reading so some take any video and upload on you tube and then they put their adf.ly link on the description of any video and in comments. In this they earn money too.

Note: Don't Spam your link too much if you're using Facebook so Facebook can get you ignored, banned your link but not profile. 

Besta luck if you have any further query feel free to ask me.


  1. Facebook is the very popular social networking site now a days and most of the people spent their time with facebook. If they can earn with this site then this will be very useful and interesting for the people.

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  2. Thanks. Very useful information for me to earn money online with facebook and youtube.

    1. My pleasure. Share it with your friends.

  3. Thanks that has helped me alot..!