Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tagged Introduces Monthly Standings?

Tagged introduces a new feature called Monthly Tiers/Monthly Standings. Most of you wants to know about what really these new features are? So In my today's article, I will explain to you about this new feature by Tagged

What are Monthly Tiers or Monthly Standings?

Actually Monthly Tiers and Monthly Standings are both same. This feature keeps a track of a any pet player’s Rank over time which is letting all pets players to see who was able to remain consistently high on the monthly leaderboard. Here’s how they work:

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Let me explain you with an Example:

  • If you reached #1 in a large country with 5000 available Ranks, you get 5000 Points for that day. 
  • If you reached #2, you get 4999 Points. 
  • If you reached #5000, you get 1 Point.

Rank is available for all countries but max rank available is 2000 for small countries like Pakistan and 5000 for large countries like USA. You only compete against pet players in your own country, so you don't have to worry! Pet Players in large countries don't have an advantage.

With an advantage, There is always a dis-advantage. However, SWITCHING COUNTRIES DISQUALIFIES YOU FOR 3 MONTHS, so don't every try to change your country on Tagged. This rule will start in December, 2013. If you changed your Country in November you're fine.

YOU MUST HAVE A RANK FOR 23 OUT OF 24 HOURS of a day in order to receive Points for that day. It doesn't matter which hours or how the time is spaced out. Ranks are checked for every five minutes and your Ranked time doesn't have to be continuous. For Example

You start with a Rank, but then you buy a really expensive Pet that makes you drop out of your Pet Rankings and You sell it quickly and get your Rank back easily. You’re fine. In fact, if you got your Rank back before five minutes, we never even notice it's gone.

At the end of each month, Pet players will be ordered by their total Points in Monthly Tiers, with ties broken by the regular Pets Assets Leaderboard. But Pet Points holders will be given some special awards as follows:
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Where will the Badges will appear?

Badges you've won will be visible in your profile and Achievements page. You can definitely win a Badge in more than one month! All time is measured in Pacific US.

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