Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Throne Rush Free Gems & Tips May 2014

A big thanks to Progrestar upon launching the Throne rush, It is the most epic Android strategy game ever. Your objective in this game is to turn your realm into a gold and food producing powerhouse, train a lot of troops, and go through the adventures as well as battle against other gamers online for reputation and resources.

Free Gems
  • Download This Throne-Rush-Hack-Gems-PA.rar 
  • Extract Throne-Rush-Hack-Gems-PA.rar 
  • You will see a folder inside it, Extract it to your desktop
  • Open Fiddler2 (Run As Admin In Windows 7 or 8)
  • In AutoResponder Tab, Confirm Enable Automatic Responses And Unmatched Requests Passthrough 
  • Go back to folder and grab gems.xml to Fiddler Start Google Chrome and clear cache
  • Now play Throne rush and build units and get free gems
  • Note You will get only 500 gems per 3 days. 5000 Gems per month.


  • Gems For Free. you need to complete 3 tasks to receive 100 free gems, like Throne Rush facebook page, Share Throne Rush facebook page and invite 3 friends to the game. In order to get Crystal Shards you need to invite your friends to the game. They will send you the shards after having completed the Sludger’s Lot mission. 
  • More Free Gems. some quests also reward you with gems, one of the first quests to do so is quest morale.
  • Completing quests also grants XP points. 
  • If you want to build or upgrade multiple buildings at the same time, you need to have 2 workers or more. Each additional worker costs gems. 
  • You can buy protection shields, they cost gems though. Temporarily protects your village from other player’s attacks. The shield goes down when you attack another player. 
  • How to get 3 stars in the world map?. 3 stars equal to 100% level destruction, both in pvp and pve, the Castle should always be the last thing being destroyed if you want to obtain a 100%, this requires a strategy that includes units coming from multiple points taking down all building surrounding the castle, pretty much at the same time. 
  • Change your name. You can change your player name by clicking on the small feather right next to your name at the top bar. 
  • Take advantage of the Eagles while you can, they are definitely the best attacking unit in the game and no matter how good the enemy’s base defenses are, you will get a sure victory. 
  • Released Captives. sometimes you will obtain free units as a reward for defeating opponents. 
  • Troops deployed in the battlefield never make it back home, no matter if they remain alive by the end of the battle.


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