Friday, May 29, 2015

6 Killer SEO Tips to Make Your Content Last Longer

How to Make Your Content Last Longer
Are you a content writer or occupied with internet marketing? You will undoubtedly wish your work to last forever with constant number of hits that SEO terminology defines as "Evergreen Data". Now the immediate concern is how to make the content as evergreen content. Nowadays, the web is overflowing with huge content on each and every aspect but the question is how long your article takes to wear out from the search engine.

The 2 key features to retain the content for long are:
  • The quality
  • The significance
6 Killer SEO Tips for Your Website and Blog

6 Killer SEO Tips to Make Your Content Last Longer

Today here, I'm going to share few important and fruitful tips with you that may help to create articles with infinite compliance.

Dated Content

There is some data which keeps relevance with date and some that doesn't. e.g: latest phones or laptops. Articles on these areas of interest are too much date oriented. So put the date with such content that keeps the reader up-to-date. Whereas there are other topics such as "how to lose fat" that do not have any concern with the date and thus if contains commendable data can last for long. If your content is not dated, then do not highlight it. But at the same time make sure your content are up to date.

Keep the Content Updated

If you get to make an evergreen article, it doesn't implicate that you are never going to have a glimpse at it thereafter. Update the content regularly to increase the hits on your webpage.

Just Retain the Freshness

I must tell you that Google insists the pages which are regularly updated just like the ladies believe in make-up touch up every second hour. So, refresh the data constantly to be preferred by the search engines.

Focus on Non-Expiry Topics

One may think that any web post never vanishes; then what does it mean of long lasting content. It actually implicates to picking up a topic for blog post which does not have any expiration and is significant forever. E.g: any news-related post runs good for one month and is never searched again from the search engine.

Content with Images and Videos

Adding relevant pictures and videos to your post always give priority on search engine and easily accessible to the reader. It not only retains your content on the specific blog but also on sites like YouTube. Also inculcate icons for social sites such as Facebook that can connect your data to huge market and make the content more popular.
SEO Tips Content with Images and Videos

Simplicity in Content 

Do not go for too technical language for your content that may frustrate the reader ending up leaving your blog forever. Keep it easy and simple.

Basically long lasting content is a fusion of forever topic with relevant information. So just go for it!!


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