Friday, June 14, 2013

The System Windows Shortcuts Keys

Hey guys today I'm gonna share lots of Windows Shortcut keys. Mostly people don't know about shortcuts so by using shortcut keys you can do work faster with it and here are some windows shortcut keys.

Windows Shortcuts keys

Alt + F4 — It Closes the current program that is running.Ctrl + A — Selects all the text anywhere.
Alt + E — Opens the Edit menu
Alt + Enter — Opens the Properties window
Alt + F — Opens the File menu
Alt + Print — Screen Takes a screen shot of the current window or program
Alt + Tab — Switches between the programs currently in use
Ctrl + C — Copies the selected object
Ctrl + Esc — Opens the Start menu
Ctrl + F4 — Closes the current program
Ctrl + Insert — Copies the selected object
Ctrl + End — Jumps to the end of the current document
Ctrl + left arrow — Moves to the left one word
Ctrl + right arrow — Moves to the right one word

Ctrl + Home — Jumps to the beginning of the current document
Ctrl + V — Pastes the selected object
Ctrl + X — Cuts the selected object
End — Jumps to the end of the current line

Ctrl + the “+”key — Perfectly resizes the width of Explorer columns
F1 — Opens the Help menu
F2 — Renames the selected icon
F3 — Launches the Search Companion in a folder or on the desktop

Shortcuts for Keyboards with a "windows" Key

Windows Key + E — Opens Windows Explorer
Windows Key + F — Launches the Windows Search Companion
Windows Key + F1 — Opens the Help and Support Center
Windows Key + L — Locks down Windows
Windows Key + M — Minimizes all windows and shows the desktop
Windows Key + M + Shift — Undoes the minimize
Windows Key + Opens — the System Properties window
Pause/Break key
Windows Key + R — Opens the Run window
Windows Key + U — Launches the Utility Manager

Some other Keys

F4 — Accesses the Address Bar in a folder or window
F5 — Refreshes the contents of a folder or window
Home — Jumps to the beginning of the current line
Shift + Delete — Permanently deletes files (bypasses the Recycle Bin)
Shift + End — Highlights text from the current position to the end of
the line
Shift + F10 — Substitutes for a right-click
Shift + Home — Highlights text from the current position to the
beginning of the line
Shift + Insert — Pastes the selected object
Shift while inserting — Prevents the CD player from playing an audio CD


  1. windows key+r then input . open document & setting/current profile
    .. open document & setting/all profile
    ... open windows explorer just alternative to windows key+e