Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Secure your Computer System from ARP Poisoning

Hey guys, Today one of my friend asked me a very difficult question:

How can he protect his computer system from an attack by ARP Poisoning?

Uhm well I decide to tell him and all of you my readers about how can you secure or protect your computer from ARP Poisoning attack. So I have tested many of the softwares to see which one works perfectly that can protect your computer from an ARP Poisoning attack. I have many excellent softwares but you need to buy them because they ain't free. I thought why not should i give my readers a Free one? Then I came across a Free Firewall Which helps you to successfully block ARP Poisoning attacks that can harm your computer.

At the start You need to Download Commodo Firewall from the link below:
Download Commodo Firewall

After you have downloaded this commodo firewall, Install it. Open the firewall and then click on "Advanced button" at the left side of it, Then simply go to "Instrusion/Attack Detection Settings" and check "Protect the ARP Cache".

I hope my this method helps you in protecting yourself from ARP Poisoning attacks, So If you have any queries, Feel free to Ask me in a comment.


  1. Commodo is one of the best firewalls.

    1. Commodo is a very good firewall but I still prefer Zone Alarm Firewall Which is not Free and Commodo is Free.

  2. Hai asfi I would to u wish a very good mrg .i ask a one to open the pendrive my college lab my administrator lock all CPU's?how can I open that.

    1. HI, on your computer system, Go to Computer management settings, then click on storage and then click on disk management and then you will find all the drives of your computer including C: and pen drives. You can open from it whether is locked or not