Monday, September 17, 2012

Earn Money Online With Points2Shop

What is Cashle or Point2Shop?

Cashle is a membership program that allows you to earn cash for completing offers presented by a variety of different companies. You can also earn money for doing other activities, as well as credits toward purchases of various products and points toward possible cash prizes. You can recruit others to the program as your referrals and earn from their activities as well. Cashle is also called Points2Shop. Cashle launched in August 2008 and its main function is for earning cash and cashing out cash with PayPal or Alertpay(Payza)and other payment processors..

How it works?

  1. Refer your friends
  2. Complete Surverys.
  3. Watch Videos
  4. Other Tasks

Click on the Banner Below to Join this Website For Free..

  1. Sign up on Cashle.
  2. Fill-up the necessary information.
  3. Confirm registration through email.