Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Change Your Facebook Theme

Facebook has been one of the most popular social communities in the world. I was thinking, what can I do to "spice up" my Facebook profile. Well I was Googling and found a script to do something cool. Lets find out how to setup everything.

Firstly you have to download Greasemonkey: 

GreaseMonkey is a Mozilla Firefox plugin, which is undoubtedly very useful and popular. What it does is simple, adds custom JavaScript codes on required pages to add some great functions. For example, you can add a script to show a "Classic Retweet" button on twitter tweets, to retweet like the traditional way. Remember, Twitter officially doesn’t provide any such button or link. It’s the script which does the functions. It’s just a little example, you can do a lot more than that! 

Don’t know JavaScript and coding stuff? Neither do I. Don’t worry, there is a dedicated site for GreaseMonkey scripts. Other users, who know JavaScript, post their codes with a little introduction. And we can download the ones we like and want. The best part is, everything is free + there are reviews by other users to determine if the script is good or working. That’s enough about the plugin, lets move on to change your Facebook profile color.

Download Facebook Auto Colorizer: 

This script is the heart of the trick. It will execute a JavaScript code when you open your Facebook account, to change the color. BOOM! The thing with JS is that they are kind of slow. So, you might wonder the plugin will slow down your browsing speed… absolutely not! It will not load the script on other sites except Facebook (or the ones specified by you in the options page). You can control when, where and which script to load, very easily. 

Just install the user-script and you’re done! 

Go to Facebook, and you will definitely see a change.