Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Auto Like Facebook Version 2 2013

Recently Someone on Facebook ask me "How do you blow up my whole Facebook with your notifications of like on his all status and wall, comments etc" So this is my trick that i used to blow up everyone's notification.

It is also good for adding games pages on Facebook for liking all comments one by one easily. Its simple and fast. Facebook will never blocked you with this trick!

New Version of Auto Like All Facebook Version 6 here ..

For Google Chrome:

  1. Download first TAMPERMONKEY here.
  2. Download the Script here.
  3. Go back to your Facebook home page ..... Done :)

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Download first GREASEMONKEY here.
  2. Download the Script here.
  3. Go back to your Facebook home page ..... Done :)

Screen Shot of Old Version 2!!!

The script is installed by more than 533+ people on Facebook!