Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Hack into Another Persons Computer

My following article explains the method that is used for hacking into another persons computer remotely using command prompt in your network that is network computer hacking...

How to Hack into Another Persons Computer

Steps to Hack into Another Persons Computer

Step 1:
First of all, you should get a good ip scanner. PPSCAN is a best one, Download here. Except this Angry ip scanner is also good one.

Step 2: 
Now Go to Start and then click on 'Run' and then type as "cmd" and hit the enter button. When you hit the enter button then the command prompt will open like this..

How to Hack into Another Persons Computer

Step 3: 
Now this is what you have to do is to type in cmd as "nbtstat -a IPaddress" and hit the enter button. 

For example:
nbstat -a

If you see this your in NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table 

Name Type Status -----------------------

user<00> UNIQUE Registered 
workgroup <00> GROUP Registered 
user <03> UNIQUE Registered 
user <20> UNIQUE Registered 

MAC Address = xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx 

If you don't get the number <20>. The victim disabled the File And Printer Sharing, find another victim. 

Step 4: 
Now type as "net use p: \\IPaddressOf\CDISK" and then hit the enter button 

Replace with ip address of victim in the place of "IPaddress" above. 

You can give any letter instead of 'p'. 

For example: 
net use p:\\\CDISK 

Step 5:
Now open windows explorer or just double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and you will see a new network drive X:

If this command is successful you are a small time hacker.

Note to newbies: This hack will only work if you have the ip of someone on your network. It will not work if the ip of the person you want to "hack" is not on your network.

Tip: If you can only access your targets shared folder put a batch file in their shared folder with the command C=C if they open it,it will share their hard drive.


  1. Salam bro,my name is Kamee and i want to talk with you, can you accept my request on facebook? some people try to hack my computer, i want to kick them out but i don't know how to do? can you help me please?

    1. W.Salam, you should have thought about the security much earlier and you should have installed a good firewall such as zone alarm :)

  2. dear bro i have connected to wifi with 20 computers, so how can i access one of them PC's?

    1. Its really easy to do. just follow the steps again, if u still have some problems, then ask me :)