Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Get Dislike Button In Facebook Status [100% WORKING TRICK]

Hello Facebookers, you can update your status, share photos & videos and much more things on Facebook because Facebook lets you to do it. You might have seen the 'LIKE' button on Facebook status updates. Everyone on Facebook wishes to get likes for their updates. Ever wondered why there is no 'DISLIKE' button on Facebook when there is a 'LIKE' button ???

If you wish to get it, then here it is for you.

Please remember that we are not actually gonna get a 'Dislike' button on Facebook. It is just a PRANK for your friends on Facebook. We are not going to get a actual Dislike button which gets counted when clicked. If someone clicks on this 'DISLIKE' button, they will be taken to their home page. To get this 'DISLIKE' button to your status update, you just click the button below and type in the status for which you need to have the 'DISLIKE' button & hit the share button. :-)

This Trick is Closed by Facebook

Just amaze your Facebook friends with some cool status updates like on having 'Dislike' button just for your status. Reply to the comments posted by your friends on this status, to make them believe that this is not a spam. lol