Thursday, June 27, 2013

Latest Facebook Hacking Software 2015

007 Facebook hack v7 is a special program designed 
to break into Facebook username and password. Now you can easily Hack Facebook Accounts.

Good News: Its updated to Version 7.2 -2015

Facebook Hacks by Prince Asfi

This program also has viruses and Facebook fake login page. Please Note we created this software for recovering your old account back. Be careful using this program and do not use it for illegal activity.

Step by step:

  • Download 007 facebook hack Update by Prince Asfi
  • Then Desktop.rar file Extract it and run 007_facebook_hack_v_6.exe
  • Press the ENTER button and enter the password. Password on a password.txt file in the package of desktop.rar file
  • If the above steps correctly, we'll go to the main page of hacking. Then press the Settings button
  • In the server box, enter
  • In the HTTP Proxy field, fill in the proxy address. Use a bypass proxy address. So, we can make hacking as if from overseas servers. To search the proxy, visit, then select a list of existing State(Victim's Country). To find out the proxy that we can still in active conditions, change the proxy settings on your browser and point the browser to If the proxy address may appear, it means that the proxy can be used. You can use any proxy site by searching on google
  • Press the Connect button until the indicator on the right side of the green fields.
  • Press the Back button, then enter the user ID of a victim account.


  • To be Success in this penetration by using this software is dependent on our internet connection speed. Try also to replace IP Proxy to find the appropriate address. 
  • There are colleagues who claim to successful penetration and also claiming to always fail.
  • Facebook administrator has so far been updating his security system by applying a dynamic proxy system that can filter out proxy address that will go into the data server. For that, this hack facebook software works like a chase each other with facebook security system.
Remember: Facebook Always updates its network, So this Software will not work for longer time, You can only Hack 5 Facebook Account with this. If you want to buy the full Version You can contact me @contact us page above. The Price for full Version is $600. We accepts payments via Payza, Paypal or Moneybookers. With full version you can hack unlimited accounts. except this we will tell you how to run software and how to hack accounts and we will update your software too for Free up to 6 months if you buy.!


  1. Nice Thanks for this software

  2. I can't deal with the proxy address. Could you give additional information on that? I have been trying with my own profile but it always says there is an error in connect.

  3. Thanks that was really good ;) I have tried on my own fake account and it worked but for but i took me almost 4 hours to understand all that ;) Thanks for that software ;) I'm having some problems with proxy only, My question is that If i want to hack someone from any other country, which proxy should i use?

  4. @Amina, I have already mention that in my steps above. U need any ip of their country, U can google proxy ip addresses for those country and use any one of it.

  5. @Anonymous You need to find the proxy ip address of the victim's country that you want to Hack, if you want to hack your profile You can use your own computer network Ip address, You don't have to use any proxy for yourself but if you want to hack someone else from other city or country then google proxy for those cities and country and use them

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  7. describe me the third step please

  8. The file does not exist

  9. Thanks for this beautiful tool, it has help me recover my old account back