Monday, June 17, 2013

The Latest Facebook Password Security Option; Trusted Contacts

Today, Facebook launched a new security option called "Trusted Contacts". This is the very latest security option by Facebook. With this new security option you can get help from friends if your Facebook account gets hacked. This Trick will help you to get your Facebook Password back easily. If you select your Trusted Contacts option in your Facebook account, then selected friends will be provided with some secret security codes, which will allow you to access your profile in case you are Hacked by someone.

Steps to add Trusted Contacts

  • Go to your Facebook Security Settings on your Profile.
  • Click on Trusted Contacts, it will look like this below.
The Latest Facebook Password Security Option; Trusted Contacts

  • Next step is to Choose Trusted Contacts.
  • Click on Choose Trusted Contacts to choose minimum of 3-5 of your trusted Facebook friends.

  • Then choose those friends which you can Trust.
  • Then Click on Confirm Button

Except this, you can Edit / Remove your trusted contacts too. Once the trusted contacts are selected, Facebook sends a notification to those people and if your account ever gets locked or hacked, you can ask your them to request their security codes. Once you have three codes, you will be able to get back into your Facebook profile.


  1. A really great feature by Facebook :) Good article Bro

  2. thats good for recovering account back

  3. Hey man, I have a question for you, I have a phone that doesn't accept any SIM card, I'm sure it needs decoding, please can you tell me how to do the decoding. If you have the answer, I would really want to hear it.

    1. Alright ! I want to know which mobile phone you're using and which SIM card you have tried to used and where are you from?

      I will soon post an article about it !