Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Hack an Account Using Keylogger - Keylogger Explained

In this tutorial i'm about to point out the foremost piece of software called Keylogger. A keylogger could be a software or hardware device that monitors every and each key type written by you on your keyboard. It really doesn't matter whether or not you have any physical access to the victim's computer. Using just a simple keylogger is the very easiest way to hack an account. Today First of all I'll tell you about "what is a Keylogger" and "How to Hack an Account using Keylogger"

How to Hack an Account Using Keylogger - Keylogger Explained

What is a Keylogger?

Lot of people don't know about what is that thing called Keylogger, so reading my this article will clear your mind about that Keylogger. It is also known as Keystroke logger or System monitor, is a hardware device or small program that monitors each keystroke a user types on a specific computer's keyboard.

A keylogger program can be installed just in a few seconds and once installed you are solely a step away from getting the victim's password.

How to Hack an account using Keylogger

If you have got physical access to the pc of the user that you just ae targeting, as a result of it's lots easier if you are doing. One choice you have got, that you just can hear lots if you raise this question, and anybody bothers to answer is to use a keylogger. A keylogger is a wonderful choice, and possibly the best. There are lots of keyloggers out there, starting from hardware keyloggers, to software keyloggers. For this task, you will not got to get a hardware keylogger, since the sole advantage to a hardware one is that you just will grab passwords that are given to access an explicit native user on the OS used. There are lots of software keyloggers out there, and you can feel free to check it out on google.com to check at your choices. 

Once you have any keylogger that you are going to use, or Just download any keylogger and then simply install it onto the pc you are wanting to monitor, and then you need to wait untill they login to their email account then you will have the password for the account of victim. 

The second option that you have is that if they use Outlook to open their email account, Then for hacking their outlook account. You just have to copy the *.dbx files for their Outlook account onto a USB drive of your, and then extract the emails at home. When you are on the computer of the user you are targeting, look in

C:\Windows\ApplicationData\Identities\{ACblahblahblah}\Microsoft\ OutlookExpress\ 

and then copy all the .dbx files onto a USB. Then when you take the .dbx files back to your house, use DBXtract to extract the messages from these files.

Note: The dbx file stores the files stored in each Outlook folder on a given account, meaning the received and sent emails.